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Fenders are designed to protect your boat from damage when moored. They are a cushioning device which should be placed between your boat and a pontoon or between both boats if rafting.

They should be attached to something solid on your boat. Attaching a fender to the lowest point on you boat, such as a cleat or the base of a stanchion will reduce the amount it swings.


Fenders should be inflated to the correct pressure to be effective. At 20°C/68°F pressure should be 0.15bar/2psi. Pressure should be reduced by 0.05bar in hot weather.

Size Guide*

Boat Size Cylindrical fenders diameter Buoy fenders Diamter
5m 10cm
6m 14cm
9m 18cm 33cm
10m 20cm 40cm
12m 23cm 56cm
14m 28cm 56cm
18m 28cm 56cm
23m 30cm 70cm
30m 38cm 70cm

These are only a guide. When selecting and attaching a fender you need to take account of the mooring conditions and have an understanding of your boat. There are many variables beyond our control and you must accept final responsibility.


VAT is included in our prices. If you are an EU registered company, based outside the EU or a commercial vessel, in shopping cart/check out, under the VAT section select Jersey from the drop down. This will remove the VAT. Please note, to comply with UK VAT regulations, we will need written confirmation of one of the following within 7 working days of the date of your order:

  1. Your EU VAT/IVA number
  2. Confirmation you are based outside the EU
  3. Confirmation you are a commercial vessel

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Measuring a Superyacht fender for fender covers

We need 3 measurements and a photo of existing fenders would help. Overall length, length of side seam, diameter.

  1. Fully inflate the fender
  2. Lay the fender down between 2 straight edges (cardboard boxes will do)
  3. Measure the gap between the boxes to give overall length
  4. Measure the side seam of the fender
  5. Place boxes either side of fender and measure gap to give diameter


Boat fenders:

German: Fender für Boote

French: Pare-battage 

Italian: Parabordo 

Spanish: Defensa para barcos

Boat fender covers:

German: Fenderüberzug für Boote

French: Chaussette pour pare-battage de bateaux

Italian: Copriparabordo per barche

Spanish: Funda para defensa de barcos

Fender covers:

German: Fenderüberzug 

French: Chaussette pour pare-battage 

Italian: Copriparabordo 

Spanish: Funda para defensa 

Inflatable fenders:

German: Aufblasbarer Fender

French: Pare-battage gonflable

Italian: Parabordo gonfiabile

Spanish: Defensa inflable 

Fender hooks:

German: Fenderhaken

French: Crochet pour pare-battage 

Italian: Gancio per parabordo 

Spanish: Gancho para defensa