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Polyform A series boat fender buoy
Polyform A series boat fender buoy
Polyform A series boat fender buoy
Polyform A series boat fender buoy
Polyform A series boat fender buoy

Product Description

The original all purpose Polyform A series boat fender with its well-known rib rein-forced ropehold. Produced from the best marine grade vinyl using Provinor's in house developed Welcotec technology.

Polyform boat fenders features specially designed ropeholds to guarantee the highest breaking strength possible. Used in commercial fishing, aquaculture and a must for the protection of larger recreational crafts and yachts.

Outstanding quality, heavy duty twin-eye seamless fenders. Rotomoulded by use of our in-house developed Polymatiq™ (pat.pend) technology that ensures supreme control over the fusion process and guarantees an absolute even wall-thickness Multiple rib-reinforced solid rope holds safeguard the highest breaking strength available.

Resistant to all weather conditions. Tested in temperatures ranging from -30oC to +60oC. High abrasive resistance, high energy absorption (up to 3,8 ton meter for F13). Suitable for ships up to 1500 ton d/w (F13). Used by national navies, coast guard vessels, pilot boats, commercial ships, recreational crafts and yachts all over the world.
Polyform A1 39x30cm
Polyform A2 51x39.5cm
Polyform A3 62x47.5cm
Polyform A4 73x58cm
Polyform A5 94x74cm
Polyform A6 119x93cm
Polyform A7 142x111cm
White with blue end
Navy blue
Red with blue end
Yellow with blue end



Polyform A series boat fender

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