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Clean Seas

The sea provides many of us with a living, either directly or indirectly. Likewise, our actions and choices can have a direct or indirect impact on the sea. Our worldly dependence on all things plastic is having a devastating effect on our seas, marine habitat and marine life. This will come back to haunt us.

A little change in our individual habits and thoughts can make a huge difference collectively. If each day for work, I fill a reusable bottle with filtered water from my fridge instead of taking a plastic bottle of water, that saves 5 plastic bottles a week. Not a lot really. But that is 260 bottles a year. If only 100 of us do the same, that’s then 26,000 plastic bottles a year not ending up in landfill, blowing on the wind, drifting into our rivers and flowing to the sea. Maybe, just maybe, together we can make a difference.

I know a lot of sailors feel passionately about what we are doing to our seas so good on Dee Caffari and the crew on Turn the Tide on Plastic competing in the Volvo Ocean Round the World Race and spreading the word.

You can follow and support them on Twitter @TurnTidePlastic and @VolvoOceanRace. Here’s to their success as they set off from Lisbon to Cape Town.

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