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Defenda Inflatable Fenders
Standard fenders are manufactured from 1100 Dtex layered Polyester fabric, with a PVC coating. Hypalon fenders are manufactured from 1100 Dtex Orca Hypalon fabric, for greater strength and longevity.
All fenders are hand-crafted with four-layer seams and marine grade stainless steel attachment rings and inflation valves.
Standard fenders are covered by a three year warranty against manufacturing defects and hypalon fenders are covered by a  five year warranty.
Our standard fender colour is Dark Grey, but a wide range of other colours are available to order for an additional 20% charge.
Sizes: 75 X 30cm, 100 X 30cm,100 X 42cm, 150 X 42cm, 150 X 60cm, 200 X 100cm, 200 X 180cm, 300 X 120cm, 400 X 150cm
M2M Hypalon Fenders
Hypalon fenders are the preferred option for superyachts and megayachts combining maximum protection and strength with minimum storage.
  • Hypalon 1670D Tex for durability Stainless steel
  • D ring with webbing attachment each end
  • Quick inflate/deflate 2 way valve tested to 0.15MPa
  • Standard colours – black, grey, blue
  • Standard sizes - 100x30cm, 100x42cm, 130x45cm, 150x60cm, 200x60cm, 200x100cm
  • Bespoke service – sizes to your specification 
Fendress Inflatable fenders.
Consolidated PVC 1.2 mm, no leaks, no deformation.
Fendress inflatable fenders designed to offer maximum protection while docking.
  • Light and resistant. See lab test
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Standard colours black and grey from stock
  • Available in blue and white by order
Fendress inflatable fenders
IF-0922 56 x 23 cm 9"x22" IF-2466 168 x 61 cm 24"x66"
IF-0930 76 x 23 cm 9"x30" IF-2496 244 x 61 cm 24"x96"
IF-1436 91 x 36 cm 14"x36" IF-3875 191 x 97 cm 38"x75"
IF-1842 107 x 46 cm 18"x42" IF-0304 125 x 90 cm 3'x4'
IF-1845 114 x 46 cm 18"x45" IF-0405 150 x 125 cm 4'x5'
IF-1858 147 x 46 cm 18"x58" IF-0307 210 x 90 cm 3'x7'
IF-2429 74 x 61 cm 24"x29" IF-0410 305 x 125 4'x10'
IF-2442 107 x 61 cm 24"x42" Inflatable flat fenders
IF-2458 147 x 61 cm 24"x58" SF0302-BLK 91x61x21 cm 36"x24"x9"
IF-2665 165 x 66 cm 26"x65" SF0305-BLK 91x152x21 cm 36"x60"x9"

Please note Avon Inflatable PVC fenders are no longer being made. Zodiac has replaced the Avon range with the Zodiac Inflatable PVC fenders. The sizes are different to the old Avon inflatable fenders.